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Coach Scanlan's Locomotor Movements

Walk, Jog, Run, Skip, Gallop, Slide, Kareoke, Leap, Backward Jog 

Coach Scanlan's Locomotor Song

Follow Along with our Locomotor Movements song 

Coach Scanlan's Throwing Skills

Students will learn the basics on Throwing 

Coach Scanlan's Catching Skills

Students will practice catching skills

Coach Scanlan's Striking Skills

Students will learn basic striking skills

Coach Scanlan's Kicking Skills

Students learn and practice basic kicking skills

Coach Scanlan's Bike Safety

Coach Scanlan reviews Bike safety

The Presidential Fitness Test

The Presidential Fitness Tests are:  sit-ups, flexibility (sit & reach), shuttle run, flexed-arm hang or pull-ups and the Cardiovascular fitness run

Refer to the standards in the photo section to see how many & how fast you must compete each test for your age!


Coach Scanlan's Jump Rope Skills

Students learn basic Jump rope skills 

Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop tricks

Coach Scanlan's Dances # 1

Let’s get up and get moving TEXICO!

Coach Scanlan's Dancing #2

Let’s get up and get moving TEXICO

Coach Scanlan's speed stacks

ALL YOU NEED IS 12 (small-medium sized) PLASTIC CUPS and you are ready to speed stack 

Coach Scanlan's Juggling Scarves

12” x 12” light weight material or 3 hankies  work great for juggling scaves.

You can even use 3 socks from your sock drawer, but be ready to move jast!

Minute to Win it- Juggling Scarves

Can you keep scarves moving for a minute without a drop?

Minute to Win it Tennis Ball Juggling

Juggling challenge for a minute using tennis balls

Minute to Win it Basketball shots

Can you score 20 baskets in a minute?   If so, you are a Minute to win it winner

Minute to win it- paddle/ball challenge

keep the ball up using a paddle for a minute

Minute to win it Swim noodle balance challenge

Swim noodle balance challenge (Minute to Win it)

Minute to Win It- Catching

Using a mit or a scoop, can you catch the ball without a drop for a minute?

Minute to Win it- Jump Rope Challenge

Can you jump for a minute without missing?

Minute to Win it- Hula Hoop Challenge

Can you keep the hula hoop up for 1-minute

Coach Scanlan's Lummi Sticks

Your Mom’s wooden kitchen spoons, 12” sticks from your backyard or just use your “Imaginary” sticks 

Coach Scanlan's Muscles

Students work to learn their muscles 


Your Body needs WATER!!!!


4th-JH PE Exercise video

Fitness Blender

K-5th Grade PE exercise video 

HIIT Brain Boost workouts

2nd Grade-JH High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

Dance and exercise

K-5th Grade Dance and movement videos

TABATA exercise videos

K-4th grade exercise videos

Glenn Higins Supervideo theme Workouts

K-4th Grade exercise videos

Move To Learn

2nd-4th grade exercise video

Dance Moves Challenge

Dance for grades 2-JH


Website great for 2nd-4th grade dance and exercises

The Body Coach

K-5th Grade PE Workouts

Beach Body Kids Workout

2nd-5th Grade PE workouts

Yoga- Dice Coin activities

K-2nd grade yoga

Fitness Simeon

Elementary Fitness for K-5th grade

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga for K-4th Graders

Jump Start Johnny

K-Jh PE workouts

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